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Capacity Building

We help small and grass roots agencies to develop best practices in capacity building that includes:

  • Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community and Corporate Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations.

The goal is to help agencies do their work efficiently and effectively for the purpose of sustainability and the enhancement of Latino health delivery systems.

Support Groups

Support is essential to the cancer patient. Studies find support groups extend life and improve the quality of the treatment experience.

Our team provides agencies with the curriculum to start and conduct a support group. The 3-day long training program details qualifications for group facilitators, a budget for a weekly group, development of fundraising and outreach plans.

Support Group Curriculum
3 Day Training

  1. facilitator
  2. program manager
  3. client resources
  4. client assessments
  5. funding


  1. program implementation
  2. facilitator
  3. client survey


  1. Improvement in client attitudes
  2. Community response to program
  3. Collaboration with service providers

Education and Outreach

Latinas Contra Cancer teaches approaches to cancer health education in the Latino community using a culturally appropriate model that is linguistically sensitive.

The 2-day training program also reflects best practices, encourages economic empowerment and leadership development amongst Latino cancer survivors who train as health educators.

Cultural Competence

As language about culturally and linguistically competent services proliferates in health policy discourse and practice, a common understanding of what this means is essential to ensure quality of treatment, and assure access for the underserved.

LCC will address these issues within its training programs and in health care provider seminars.

Tools for Education and Outreach - Bingo Card

We developed this educational tool using the popular bingo game card to teach the facts and dispel cancer myths common in the Latino population about breast cancer.

This colorful card was designed exclusively for LCC by Shivani Mishra of IMPAC Medical Systems and is legally copywrited. It's printed on the back side of a real bingo card and is available in Spanish.

  • Download a PDF file of this tool in full size.
  • To set up a Breast Health Bingo education workshop contact
  • For more information and prices call:
    (408) 280-0811 or contact us at Product Orders