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While Latinos make up 12% of the population, over twice as many are uninsured. They are almost 3 times less likely to have a consistent source of medical care. Latinos are one and a half times more likely to use the hospital ER as a primary source of care compared to the general population. This leads to later diagnosis and treatment, poorer health outcomes.Uninsured Hispanics/Latinos are two to three times more likely to have cancer diagnosed at a later stage, making it less treatable.

Latinas Contra Cancer works with Latino Patients and Families, Agencies and Institutions around issues of cancer education, support and outreach, program development, and cultural competence with the mission of increasing awareness, access to care, reducing poor outcomes and high mortality rates. Our services have been organized into three categories:

Patients and Families

  • Cancer Education

    Breast Health Bingo - Workshop that addresses myths and misinformation around issues of breast cancer.

    Sobrevivir al Cáncer- Educational workshops for cancer patients and their families

  • Support Services
  • Case Management

Our services for patients and families are free-made possible by individual donors, corporate and foundation grants and agency fundraisers.

Agencies and Institutions

  • Program Development-Support Groups, Education & Outreach
  • Cultural Competence-Better understanding of how to serve this community

Our work with agencies and institutions is a fee based service.

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