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Underage teens join growing hookah fad
Smoking tobacco concoctions from hookahs -- water pipes that originated in Turkey more than 500 years ago -- is increasing in popularity among young people as evidenced by the rise in urban lounges devoted to hookah smoking.
Walnut Creek, CA August, 05

New Report Details Alarming Lung Disease Disparities In Hispanic Communities
NEW YORK, NY – The Hispanic community is disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards such as air pollution, according to a new study by the American Lung Association
New York, NY March, 05

A test that can prevent colon cancer
The American Cancer Society recommends the test at age 50 and again at age 60. But by the time Martinez realized something was not quite right withhis digestive tract and had a colonoscopy, it was too late. Colon cancer had already invaded his liver.
New York, NY August, 05


A chance for Latinas to participate in Clinical Trials

Healthy, post-menopausal women at high risk for breast cancer may be eligible to participate in a major new international study to determine whether the drug exemestane can prevent the disease...

San Jose, CA, Sept, 04

Cultural Implications and Considerations for the Professional and Paraprofessional working with Latinas with Breast Cancer

In recent years, the dedicated work of so many breast cancer survivors has created heightened awareness, education and information. Women have demonstrated great courage and strength in speaking honestly and openly about their personal experiences and struggles...

Dr. Jorge Partida, June, 04

Spanish guide for creating breast cancer support groups

The Northern California Cancer Center has published a Spanish language guide for creating breast cancer support groups targeted for Latinas. Research shows support groups are crucial to a quality experience during client treatment ...

NCCC, January, 04


NBCC Battles Myths About Abortion Links to Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Coalition continues to debunk stories that say abortions cause breast cancer. NBCC officials point to the highest quality studies that show there is no link between abortion and ...

NBCC, November, 14