Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise awareness about cancer in the Latino community, increase access to quality care, and improve the quality of the health care experience.

Latinas Contra Cancer does this
by offering support services and resources for the Latino cancer patient and their family; collaborates with other small agencies to provide education and outreach services; and partners with health care institutions to bridge the gap through culturally competent outreach and medical care.

Latest News and Events

  • Hooked on Hookah
    The trend has health professionals concerned that, despite the claims of young users, smoking from hookahs is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.
  • Join our Forum/Foros Aqui
    Share your cancer stories, learn from others, build our community. Please register
  • Breast Health Bingo Education Workshops
    Peer educator addresses myths and misinformation about breast cancer targeting the spanish speaking.
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